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Dear Mother, before choosing the bedding for your baby you must know what are the bed linen necessary to make his environment more comfortable and hygienic. This is the environment where baby spends the most part of his time. Italbaby created a wide range of accessories that helps you in making the best choice.

  • 1. Cot

    Il lettino Italbaby
    First of all choose a cot with wooden staves and that follows the EU safety regulations, varnished with non toxic colours. Check the cot have no prominent parts that can represent a danger.
  • 2. Stave cover

    Il coprirete Italbaby
    Put a felt stave cover, as a "capture-dust" under the mattress and dust won't attack the mattress and its cover will be safe and clean for a long time. The system avoids dust arrives where baby sleeps.
  • 3. Mattress

    Il materasso Italbaby
    Choice of mattress is the most important issue. Consider that your baby will spend the most of his time sleeping in the cot. So, high quality mattress is a must. Italbaby presents you a wide range of mattresses. In this case, apart from choice of the high quality raw materials, we put our attention to the weights and density of stuffings. Mom, always consider that peace and rest of your baby depend on the mattress quality and fitness.
  • 4. Mattress protector

    Il salvamaterasso Italbaby
    Also it is crucial to use a mattress protector with absorption power: it must follow the EU safety regulations concerning Phthalate-free. This product is useful not just in case of wee leakage from the diaper, but also in case of abundant sweat or regurgitation while sleeping. Choose PIPIFLAN, a mattress protector coupled to a fitted jersey sheet or the two elements separate: BIFLAN and PIPINÒ. We also suggest to use a fitted cotton cloth, and during the summer season a fitted terry sheet.
  • 5. Pillow

    Il guanciale Italbaby
    Last you can choose between different models of pillows to be covered with a pillow case before using them. Pillow case protects pillow from sweat and saliva. Now you are ready to dress the cot with the quilt and bumper that you prefer from our collections.